Le Tequila Bar

A hidden gem serving up the finest tequilas from around the world accentuated by a Mexican-inspired menu so tantalizing, you'll think you're on vacation. Welcome to Le Tequila Bar!


From succulent shrimps tucked inside our soft tortillas, savory nachos made with fresh ingredients topped with melted cheese, to our mouth-watering Poutine Mexicana - our food menu is something you'll crave.


Boasting an incredible staff, premium tequilas, and a food menu to devour - Le Tequila Bar also throws a great party!


Montreal's best-kept underground secret is now exposed with fine premium exclusive Tequilas, a vast beer selection, and also a fresh food menu specializing in Latin cuisine. Le Tequila Bar is a place to relax, to let loose, to dine, and to go crazy!


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